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  Information on Product Searches

Online Registered Product Search

You can perform online registered product search by registration number / notification number, product name, name of product registration holder / notification holder and name of manufacturer. This  database is a cumulative list comprising of drugs registered with the Drug Control Authority since 1985 and cosmetics notified with the Director of Pharmaceutical Services.



Click on the two buttons below to begin your product search  (opens in new window)

  Quest2 Product Search

Product Search

  Quest3 Product Search

Product Search

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you use BOTH Quest 2 AND Quest 3 in all* your Product Searches
                         (* for cosmetics product search, you need to use only Quest 3)   

  Adulterated Product Search

Unregistered products
• Registered products.


  Poisons List Search

The Poisons List online search is available from the Pharmaceutical Services Division website.



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